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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I completely start over in Kitchen Scramble?
 Unfortunately there is no way to completely start over from scratch in Kitchen Scramble . Please note that at this time, even if a player removes the application, their game data will remain on our game database.
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How do I convert Coins into Kitchen Cash in Kitchen Scramble?

 At this time there is no way to convert Coin into Cash, and it is not likely that this ability will be added.

 Coins are regular currency while Kitchen Cash is premium currency. 

 Please note that Kitchen Cash is the primary means for generating the money required to keep the game up and running, so it is important to keep the current methods of obtaining Kitchen Cash.

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Why didn't I get Kitchen Cash from an offer/survey/payment in Kitchen Scramble?

There may be several reasons why you have not received game currency after you have completed an offer, survey or direct payment. Please always remember to click all the way through the process that is provided to you for obtaining game currency, and allow up to 24 hours after you complete the process to be sure that there are no delays in crediting. If you have not received your game currency and it has been 24 hours or more since you completed the process, please contact our support team.

Here are some additional notes concerning this issue, along with instructions on how to contact our offer/survey providers regarding missing Kitchen Cash:

  • If you are paying with Facebook Credits, please note that they are NOT at a one-to-one conversion. Please pay attention on the conversion at the purchase confirmation pop-up window.
  • Usually you will receive Kitchen Cash within an hour or two after completing an offer, survey or payment; however, sometimes it might take a few hours or up to a day for the system to update your transaction. Please only contact support if you still do not receive your Kitchen Cash after 24 hours.
  • Also, to avoid being double charged for the same transaction, please do not click "complete purchase" more than once.

If you are missing Kitchen Cash from a Kitchen Scramble offer, please go through the following steps in order to check on your Offer Status:

  1. Click on "Earn Cash" tab in the Kitchen Scramble payment menu
  2. Click "Help" in the top right of the pop-up window
  3. Click on the first FAQ labeled "Missing Cash" and check your Offer status by clicking on "My Offer Status"
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Where is the Forum for Kitchen Scramble?

The Forum for Kitchen Scramble can be found via this link

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What is the Kitchen Scramble Market?

 The Food Truck Market is placed in the middle of each city you travel to. You will need to save some coins to shop here, but it will be well worth it.

 Here, you will find important appliances you will need to acquire in order to make certain recipes. You can also upgrade old appliances to assist you in cooking dishes faster and slow down the burning process while you are in the weeds.

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What is the Messages tab in Kitchen Scramble?
 When you click on the ‘MessagesÂ’ tab at the top of the game, the Message Center will appear. This center allows you to accept invites, staffing and gifts in one quick and easy location.
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How do I add or remove credit cards for Kitchen Scramble on Facebook?

 Because Kitchen Scramble is an application hosted on Facebook, all transactions are processed through the Facebook Billing System. 

If you would like to add or remove billing information, please go to your Facebook Account Settings -> Payments -> Payment Methods to remove your billing information.

For more information, please visit Facebook FAQ: How do I add/remove credit cards from my account?

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Where is the Fan Page for Kitchen Scramble?

 The Kitchen Scramble fan page can be found here

 You can subscribe to see it on your Newsfeed by clicking on the "Like" button.

 Be sure to "Like" the fan page so you don't miss any giveaways, new announcements, and important updates! 

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